CES smart lighting showdown: Lifx squares off with Nanoleaf | Techno Rhyno


Nanoleaf scored a big win in 2017 with its triangular, color-changing Aurora light panels, its most successful product to date. Now, as the Toronto-based startup gears up to double down on the idea with new, touch-capacitive, square-shaped panels, Lifx looks to have gotten the memo — and it may ultimately beat Nanoleaf to the punch with square-shaped light panels of its own called Lifx Tiles.

Lifx tells me that its new Tiles will arrive by the end of February and sell in a five-panel starter kit for $249 (no word yet on what Nanoleaf’s new panels will cost or how many will come in a starter kit, but Nanoleaf tells me that they’re aiming for something close to the cost of the original panels, which sell in a nine-panel kit for $230). Along with buying them direct from the Lifx website, you’ll be able to find Lifx Tiles at Best Buy — which, incidentally, is…

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