Cortana-powered thermostat hands-on |Techno Rhyno


Senior Editor Tom Warren gets an early look at Johnson Controls’ GLAS Cortana thermostat Subscribe:

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  1. cool, but the old school thermostat drew a fraction of current this thing would. We need to enginer thing that say it's helping with energy saving not wast energy. First do no harm, then add bells and whistles

  2. really gimmick..cuz if you were to hang it on the wall…the translucent feature will be just useless cuz most wall are one solid color anyway….so it won't be as cool as you would think

  3. Obviously, Cortana is a waste of time, I wished they used Google Assistant instead or provided the possibility of switching to a different assistant. I'm not going to lie, the design is incredible, I like the look of it with the brick in one of the demos. However, as he was trying to navigate through the thermostat itself, it is easy to see that it is quite sluggish. Perhaps they could speed things up a bit at least.

  4. Just seems completely unnecessary to have voice control in a thermostat. If the thermostat can run on auto, that's pretty much all you need it to do. I mean, sure, it might be nice to be able to shout "I'm going away for 2 weeks so save some energy" right before you leave. But if it the Cortana is too basic it will not be able to do that.


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