Facebook’s ‘Did You Know’ Feature Asks Random Questions to Learn About You | Techno Rhyno


Months after acquiring social questionnaire app tbh, Facebook is rolling out a new feature for user profiles on the Web and apps. Called Did You Know, the feature will appear on your profile and ask you random questions about your interests and hobbies, and help you share this information with your friends in a fun manner.

Some users are seeing this new update where the left tab in their Facebook profile has a small window that has questions like ‘If I could choose any job imaginable, I would want to…’ and ‘If I could be anywhere else right now, I’d be…’. These questions could be seen as aimed at extracting user information that relates to interests, hobbies, and personality, and may one day become a part of advertiser profiles – TechCrunch reports.

Facebook also states that a few questions about your preferred superhero, your guilty pleasures, and your dislikes might pop up on your profile in the coming days. Users will be able to share the answers as colour status updates, or,…

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