Feit Original Vintage-Style LED review: Nostalgic novelty from an old-looking light | Gadget Magazine


Nostalgia is big business these days, and even your light bulbs want in. Enter a growing crop of “vintage” LEDs with fake filaments meant to mimic the old-school look of yesteryear’s incandescents. Distinctive yet efficient, these classic-looking bulbs want to bring early 20th century lighting into the early 21st century.

Feit has been especially aggressive here, with a wide assortment of vintage-style LED bulbs eating up a good-size chunk of the lighting aisle at Home Depot. The newest among them offer improved designs with filaments twisted into spirals, helices and other artistic patterns meant to dial up the nostalgia. And, sure enough, they look pretty darned good.

None of them are as bright as a standard, household bulb should be, but that’s sort of the point here. The idea isn’t to hide them under a lampshade for practical lighting, but to show them off in exposed bulb…

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