Flipkart Billion Capture+ Unboxing and Hands On


We Unbox and Exclusively Go Hands on with the Flipkart Made Billion Capture+ Smartphone. While the Smart Phone is Designed, Engineered and Assembled in India. Link to The Product : http://fkrt.it/iEyhy!NNNN

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  1. Processor not of india….display not of india…all technologies not of india…even os…not of india…little achievement….would love all things india….this is only 30% indian….

  2. While you are testing this phone do let me know about the speaker quality and loudness….and yes the microfone too….The receiver quality…. The ram management…..Does it has VOLTE enabled? For both sims? And about the headphones 3.5mm audio jack quality too….And How it is for gaming and camera….Please let us know about these things…. Thanks

  3. Damn! amazing featured phone in this price range.This is the first INDIAN phone which has the capability to compete with international brands! superman looks cool from where did you get that?


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