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While a lot of CES’s flashier showings revolved around cars, or massive televisions, or VR, or robots, equally revolutionary are less-conspicuous bits of tech that aim to make life easier for a subset of users. Case in point, the Freemie Liberty breast pump, which debuted this year.

What is it?

The Freemie Liberty pump, developed by Dao Health, is hands-free and is attached to a timer. Mothers can set the timer to pump, and it will stop when the timer runs out. This frees the mother up to do other things, though Dr. Stella Dao, the Freemie’s inventor, thinks it’ll most likely help mothers sleep: “We know that the normal release of hormones during the milk letdown reflex can make moms sleepy.”

The Liberty has a rechargable battery and is designed to be mobile, with a detachable belt clip to which the timer attaches. According to CNET, the pump is also very quiet.

Why does it matter?

While not a mother myself, I’ve heard from numerous women…

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