Google Home Max hands-on | Techno Rhyno


The Google Home Max is a $399 high-end smart speaker tailored for the audiophile.

Google Home Max hands-on: Boom goes the smart speaker:

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  1. So this will be available 6 months before Apple's equivalent, while at the same time offering a superior voice assistant to Apple's offering. So the Apple Home Pod seems kind of pointless now it seems.

  2. I’m pretty sure you don’t have to pause after saying “hey google”. It’s not necessary with hey Siri. Try not pausing and not waiting for feedback that it’s listening to you. “Hey google what’s the weather” rather than “hey google pause beep beep what’s the weather.” It’s annoying watching tech enthusiasts pause for these assistant commands, it’s like, you don’t have to freakin wait omg!! How do you not know this, or figure this out by merely using the assistants and the idea popping in your head and experimenting since you’re tech enthusiasts.


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