Honor View 10 Updated with Face Unlock and More | Techno Rhyno


The Honor View 10 was just updated with several new feature like face unlock, smart rotate, and more.

See our review article where you can learn more about the Kirin 970 NPU here:

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  1. I'm using it but can u tell me how to get live notification ? My notification from e-mail always late and other app like fb messenger doesn't pop out πŸ˜“ some app also doesn't have sound notification like instagram snapgram path twitter, the only app who have notification is fb whatsapp line and message..

  2. Lol "Direct Unlock" / "Slide To Unlock" options, something apple clearly didn't even consider, that people would want to get into their phones right after FaceID sees your face

    Android phones and the Android OS (be it stock or custom roms) will always be better than iOS because apple is fucking dumb


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