How Oneplus succeeded when they should have failed. |Techno Rhyno


How Oneplus Smartphones succeded when the odds where against Oneplus – the Story behind.

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  1. They never cared for the people who bought the 2 and it sucks. A more than capable device was just left out because of their inability to deliver quality software. And now, when they do have a good software, they just dont bother to spend time to give it to their early supporters.

  2. You should do an oppo f5 review because they are also selling a flagship at a very low price and its an amazing phone… i am noticing that no youtuber is talking about it .. so plz do it

  3. I remember when OP3 had 6GB of RAM and people were like, "what do you need 6GB for? 3 is enough!"
    And now when a flagship doesn't have 6GB RAM, it's a deal breaker.

    Same thing happened with USB-C, 1440p displays, wireless charging and 128GB+ internal storage. Some people just don't understand futureproofing…

  4. One of the reasons I think is Oppo, Vivo.
    OnePlus, Oppo and Vivo all belong to same company "BBK Electronics Corporation".
    Oppo/Vivo are priced way higher than other phones with same internals.
    They are opposite to what OnePlus phones do.
    Oppo/Vivo phones have custom iOS looking skin, not value for money(atleast in midrange), too many ads/hoardings, Popular actors/actresses as Brand ambassadors , they sponsor major TV shows, events in India.
    I think OnePlus is possible because of these other phones they make.
    Anyway OnePlus phones are great!

  5. They have failed in the since they do not have a phone that will work on two of the largest networks in America- Verizon and Sprint..per their website..CDMA technology..

  6. I am a proud owner of a OnePlus 5. The performance is still ridiculous on it I've never used something so consistent outside of a new iPhone. I already received 8.0 Oreo which made battery life better as well as came with various camera improvements. Although with OnePlus's new strategy of releasing 2 phones per year I would strongly recommend everyone to buy the "T" model every year. I myself am holding out for the 6T !

  7. I believe you have hit it on the head. That is one of the biggest issues with Samsung and Apple, they really don't care what their customers want, the are dedicated to putting out a phone that competes with Apple, and that is really what is driving them, their egos. Everyone know most consumers don't even understand what and how a phone works, or do they care. They just want it to do what they want and not all this other crap, which is truly distracting from the real enjoyment of a phone. Like the Note phones, most of the users of that phone will use the styles for the first week or two and from then on it will stay tucked away to never be used again. Oneplus is the phones of the future, because they have what most people want and they are less money. What concerns me most about One Plus is that once this type of marketing shows promise then everyone will start doing it, thus the lead that One Plus has now might just fade away. Thanks for a great video.


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