Huawei Mate 10 Pro Review: The Beast is Now a Beauty


Spending a couple weeks with Huawei’s newest flagship have reinforced our first impressions. This just might be the most attractive phone of 2017. Over that time though, we have more to report on what it’s like to actually use the phone. The Mate name carries a reputation for power user performance. Does this phone live up to that reputation? Check out our Huawei Mate 10 Pro review to find out!

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  1. except the brand name in the front. Hey, I don't mind brand names in smartphones. Just don't fucking put it in FRONT! Way a way to ruin a beauty phone. Even Apple and Google doesn't do that!

  2. I am sure this phone will be great, but the Mate 9(which I still own but don;t use)is also a great phone if you look past the fact that as of yesterday it is still running android 7.0 emui 5.0 and tha April security patch. Unless Huawei has changed their ways this phone will not get updated!

  3. Juan really?that’s the problem of some youtubers mocking/bashing other products. Ur reviewing this product so stick with it. And ur not a pro just making videos to make money. Remember not all ur followers were android u have apple too. So don’t I might hit the unsubs button.

  4. Lacking headphone jack and expandable storage is downside for that device and the QHD too ! . I don't care too much about wireless charging or water resistance.

    Why they kept the headphone jack or the expandable storage and the QHD display in the regular mate 10 and not including in the pro version ?!! Strange

  5. The most attractive of 2017? Have you guys not seen the Samsung S8? Come on, I know it's subjective, but don't use the word oh so lightly just because you've forgotten the early 2017 flagships.

  6. I am so confused right now… Mate 10 pro or Note 8 ? Or should i get the HTC u11+ ? Or save 100 dollars and get the op5t ? Or should i just wait for the S9 and get the new Snapdragon 845 and have more futureproof device ? I really dont know…. 🙁


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