Hyperloop test track tour at CES 2018 |Techno Rhyno


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  1. So high speed rail, which has been around for a long time, gets left in the dust while companies want to continue to try to keep promoting this new technology that may or may not succeed……got it, smh

  2. Earthquakes are the least of concerns facing this project, besides the fact that it is a vacuum which is extremely dangerous they have yet to even address thermal expansion.

  3. I wonder when the Hyperloop developers will start talking seriously about the pressures and speed they can actually get away with. Details provided at the start of the project were ambitious to put it politely.
    Also how does having very strong supports help keep things steady in the event of an earthquake? The system would need to be very flexible and the strength would not stop the wobbling. If the ground itself is moving things attached to the ground will also move.
    I really hope they can make it work but I have an engineering and science background and it just doesn't feel right. Simply put too much energy is required to reduce the pressure to the level needed for smooth movement.
    They could probably drop the pressure a bit. Sadly a bit would not be enough to make it worthwhile. It would require a lot of time and energy to drop the pressure 'a bit'.
    Anyone who wants the mathematical and physics argument against hyperloop could do worse than check out Thunderfoot's videos on the topic.
    Has anyone else noticed that Elon Musk has a hands-off approach with hyperloop yet a hands on approach with his boring company?
    Elon seems to prefer tunnels to tubes.


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