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The iMac Pro should be available within the next few weeks. Here is a look at all of the iMac Pro details that we know thus far. Read our full detailed post on 9to5Mac for more details:

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  1. So great to finally see your face prominently in the video!

    I would love to get an iMac Pro, but they start at $5000 and that is out of my price range at the moment. Especially since I plan on upgrading the processor, RAM, and storage if I ever get one.

  2. I think most people here are probably more interested in seeing your face, than they are in the iMac Pro! Non user-replaceable RAM in a machine in this price bracket is insane! – I hope this massively backfires for Apple. If people buy it, they'll continue with this ridiculous nonsense. Even if I had a spare 5K knocking around, I wouldn't be spending it on this! I could buy a car for that price, AND it would come with user-replaceable fuel.

  3. Okay If the customer is a professional and require such a powerful device, then the customer should be able to change some of the devices internals to fine tune for their high caliber work. I really disapproval of inaccessibility of the internals specifically dealing with memory or storage. Like Marques said, it is a trap, and I would include to that statement those who fell for it will be frustrated in the long run and won't invest into Apple in the future.

  4. I do have some concerns about how some of the imac's Radeon chips in them since Apple products mainly use Intel's processor technology. There are HUGE differences between the how the processors work, or at least that's my understanding of it. AMD vs. Intel
    i would only buy it if i needed it and i don't do any type of work that rely on needing a mac of that caliber. I do iphone development but that can be done with a laptop and an iphone

  5. skylake-x + vega is some of the hottest combination in years, all in that thin body, did they forget about all those dying, catastrophically thermal throttling 105C m295x imacs just three years ago? A workstation is supposed to be able to run stable and reliably for long hours, I just don't see that happening with this thing. Why they went with the ridiculously high power consumption vega instead of pascal quadros is beyond me.

  6. Thank you for these great videos. I like your relaxed manner. A lot of other people on YouTube seem to be on a sugar and caffeine rush all the time ๐Ÿ˜€ And the production values are also great. Really loving it. One thing I wonder about with the iMac Pro: What will a maxed out one cost? $15,000?

  7. Hey Jeff! Long time listener, all the way from iDB days. I know youโ€™ve been showing your face more recently, but this was a great video man! Hope thereโ€™s more to come, and that the โ€œFaceTimeโ€ will indeed continue. Almost like seeing a good friendโ€™s face for the first time. Nice feeling ๐Ÿค“.


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