Japanese pop band Virtual Currency Girls sings about Bitcoin | Techno Rhyno


Still don’t get what Bitcoin is? Perhaps the music of new Japanese all-girl pop band Kasotsuka Shojo can help you understand this modern kind of money.

Kasotsuka Shojo (which translates to Virtual Currency Girls) educates the public about cryptocurrency through the lyrics of their catchy songs. They also warn about scams and remind people to chose their passwords carefully.

Each band member represents a different currency, such as Bitcoin, Ethereum or Ripple. They often post photos of themselves in costumes that include colorful masks bearing symbols of the cryptocurrency they stand for.

Managed by the Japanese entertainment company Cinderella Academy, Kasotsuka Shojo held its first concert in Tokyo on Friday. 

The eight band members include Naruse LaraPrincess ShirahamaAmi AmiMinamosuzakaAi Masu MomoMatsuzawa FurakoKamikawa Lake Haruka and Hinata Kodomi

True to form, not only does the band accept…

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