Litter Robot Open Air III cleans the cat’s box for you | Techno Rhyno



This self cleaning litter box keeps things tidy without you having to get dirty.

Patrick Holland/CNET

From far away the Litter Robot Open Air III looks like the pod from “2001: A Space Odyssey”. But as you get closer to it, you realize it’s full of cat litter. And here’s the cool part: The Litter Robot cleans up your cat’s doo-doo so you don’t have to.

Without conducting an official poll, it can be said that no one likes cleaning a cat’s litter box. It’s messy, smelly and, well, there’s poop involved. And that’s where the Litter Robot deserves your attention. It can clean the box for you.

Here’s how it works. Your cat does his or her “business” in the domed chamber of the Litter Robot. After the cats exits, a timer starts giving the litter time to clump. When the…

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