NEW LG 5K Ultrawide Monitor + Gaming Monitor! | Techno Rhyno


LG 5K Ultrawide, 3k Gaming Ultrawide with G-sync, 4k Projector and new gram laptops!
►More about Optix MPG 27CQ:


  1. I could use a new monitor lol. Mine has seen some better days. you have to play with the power button in order to turn it on, the stand is not good, the backing and side are broke lol. Hand me downs. Better then playing on a small monitor!

  2. Hey Ed, you like more Of than Samsung right? My favorite tech in this video was the LG gram, I'm a fan of thin laptops although I don't have the financial power to acquire one, I still like them btw love your videos

  3. My favorite piece of tech is that 4k projector. The monitor looks good as well but i'm not planning on updating to 5k soon. Hopefully the projector isn't over 1,000 bucks but I have a bad feeling it will be.


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