Niantic acqui-hires Evertoon to add a social network to Pokémon Go and other apps | Gadget Magazine


Niantic, the company behind the hit mobile game Pokémon Go and its predecessor, Ingress, announced today it has acquired the team from the startup Evertoon to help it further build out its mobile products. Deal terms were not disclosed, but from how it’s described, the move seems to be more of an acqui-hire focused on gaining access to talent, rather than Evertoon’s IP.

Launched last year, Evertoon’s app was designed to help users make short, personalized films that could be shared out to social networks like YouTube and Twitter.

The app allowed users to upload a photo to use on top of a predesigned avatar, which they could then program to do certain things by typing emoji commands. For example, typing a thumbs up emoji would have the avatar perform that action, while a fist would have the avatar throwing a punch. Users could also upload their own background photo and add their voices to the videos.

Evertoon has been live for 18 months, and during that time, people have…

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