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One of the most buzzworthy topics these last few years is how much companies have tried to bring the fingerprint scanner to the display. If you’ve followed the Pocketnow Daily you’ll now how much Apple and Samsung have worked hard with Synaptics to figure this out, and still no dice. 2018 seems to be the year for this, though, but this time at the hand of Vivo. Reporting from CES 2018 this is Jaime Rivera and Jules Wang for Pocketnow, and let’s go hands-on.

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  1. Who cares about this tech. Like seriously will it revolutionize how we use the phone? We've been focusing on this "holy grail" for far too long and in the end it's just going to be an excuse to charge an extra 100 per device for something we are being tricked into thinking we want so bad. F1.4/5 aperture with a large camera sensor with ois/eis and 960 frames per second? That's something interesting. Dual front facing speakers? Interesting. 2k display? Overrated. 4k display? Stupid, once again being tricked into thinking we want this, it's such a waste on a phone. All for the sake of charging Rediculous prices for phones now! All while these tech companies are all getting busted for tracking our information without consent and what do they do with that information? Sell it for more money?

  2. I would love to see this on the next iPhone rather than having to deal with FaceID only. I prefer TouchID over FaceID (yes, I know I mentioned Apple on a video about an Android device but wasn't in anyway comparing the two)

  3. What's the point if the sensor is visible and can only be used on a certain area of the screen? Don't we want a fingerprint scanner that works anywhere on the screen?

  4. This is really exciting! We do need to realize, though that this is a first rendition for the fingerprint scanner on the screen. I'm sure that next year or a year after it becomes a trend, it will be a lot better.

  5. I heard Samsung already figured this out a while ago but they didn't like the discoloration the sensor makes under the screen. Idk if it's just me but I think I can still see the sensor through the screen when it was on.

  6. Looks like a good excuse for manufacturers to raise the price of their flagships by $100. Next iphone will cost $1,100 because of the fingerprint scanner they just told us was a thing of the past.


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