Optoma 4K projector responds to Alexa voice commands | Techno Rhyno


If you want to fire up your 120-inch screen with a voice command like “Alexa, turn on the projector,” Optoma’s newest effort is at your beck and call.

When it goes on sale in April for $1700, the UHD51A will be the first projector to feature direct compatibility with Amazon Alexa, from an Echo or Dot speaker for example. 

It uses Alexa’s home entertainment API to enable voice control. Install Optoma’s Alexa skill, which will be available by the time the projectors launch, and the UHD51A will respond to following direct commands:

  • “Turn on/turn off the projector”
  • “Change input to HDMI 1” [or other HDMI input]
  • “Raise/lower volume to 7” [or another value. “Mute” is also supported]

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