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Here’s our Unboxing and First Look of the new Samsung Galaxy A8+ smartphone which features a 6-inch FH+ Super AMOLED display. The device runs on the Exynos 7880 processor and has 6GB RAM coupled with 64GB of internal storage.

The device is priced at Rs.32,990 and will be available exclusively on
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  1. Good God what an awful unboxing. First of all the box was already peeled off of the plastic. These guys repackaged it in that cheap and ill fitting plastic. Guys if you've already opened the box, it's no big deal. Disclose that. Don't do fake unboxings.

    Secondly this was a very amateurish attempt at an unboxing. People expect some quality. You keep quite for a long time while setting up the phone. Weren't you supposed to guide the viewers about the contents of the screen? An unboxing should be participative. Not pathetic like this.


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