Samsung Galaxy S9 LIVE & OFFICIAL SPECS!!! | Techno Rhyno


The biggest leak is here. Samsung Galaxy S9 LIVE Video hands on and official box that reveals specs and features of the S9.


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  1. Correction The Galaxy S9 Camera has a variable aperture of f1.5 and and f2.4. Not separate sensors. main camera will be able to switch from f/1.5 down to f/2.4, depending on the scenario. 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  2. The oreo update that came out for the s8 had a dolby atmos option that didnt work. It all makes sense now because it was for the s9 with stereo speakers im pretty sure.

  3. Just wanted the s9 model to have the dual cameras and to be the same as s9+…
    Large fones are very difficult to handle without reachability feature.. 😥😥
    Dats the reason many people are into the s family and not the note…
    Samsung should remain the unbiased samsung as v luv.. Not like money minting apple

  4. Until they quit it with these edges and knox bullshit im over samsung. Does it look nice? Yes but knox is annoying with rooting and the edges compromise the durability. Dropped my s8 plus from the hip once and it shattered. Ive looked it up durability test and its trash. Meanwhile my v30 has taken a beating with no damage. Samsung is starting to take the apple route. Barely any changes and stick to the formula. I havent made it through this video but im sure they'll probably go up slightly in ram but they could've did it last year. I refuse to be excited over this camera when the sony xz premium did this shit last year


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