Sex Robot hands-on at CES 2018 |Techno Rhyno


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  1. I don't have to use my hands anymore, yay! But seriously, if this takes off and they get so Advanced to where they would become like human beings, dating would be a thing of the past.

  2. I'm kind of glad that Engadget is covering the development of sex robots. It highlights that segment of the industry that normally gets brushed under the table as "oh yeah, somebody is working on that, but not us".

  3. Are you totally crazy, Engadget?
    Robot is quiet nice, but what kind of species asking questions?
    Hey, kids also looking Engadget on YouTube!
    I reported this as gay propaganda!

  4. Cutting edge animatronics won't look 'human' for a few more decades. Maybe they could try augmented reality, where the user wears AR glasses that impose a better animated face over the physical robot face.


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