Sony’s new $30,000 4K Projector! | Techno Rhyno


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An INSANE projector from Sony, and a slight issue at CES this year… LOL

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  1. The power went out, we already know that! Tell me something I don’t know!

    -Forgot to mention, the doors cannot open and feature the brand new ultra beta lock system, which does not include a manual opener, meaning you’re stuck in here until we get power again. Also, we accidentally released the brand new Nova Gas, so run.

  2. There is no justify-able reason anyone, besides an enthusiast with a ** ton of money, would ever buy this. You could buy a regular high performance projector for much less.

  3. Why do high school and college kids think that everything is for them? How many people make less than $25K a year but have over $1000 in their computers or TVs? Over a million people in the US make over $500K a year. For them, this projector is about the same percentage of their income as people who make $25K a year and have spent $1k of their PCs.


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