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The Sennheiser HD 820 is probably the coolest set of headphones I’ve ever seen. They are a sealed (and slightly modified) version of the famous HD 800. The HD 820 captured lots of attention at CES 2018 and I’m glad I had the chance to be one of the first to listen to them. Hopefully I’ll be able to unbox some HD 820s sometime soon.


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  1. Hey Lew. I am a 40% hearing impaired person. Basically I cannot hear 40% of sound frequencies in normal conditions. I have been experimenting with many different headphones over the last few years to improve my listening experience to music or even to spoken word, given that some people tend to mumble a bit which muddies the syllables. I typically wear earbuds because the sound that is coming into my ears doesn't need to bounce very much before reaching my cochlea, however I have found that some over the ear style work well too, especially ones with noise cancellation. Have you ever heard of studio headphones for the hearing impaired?

  2. There's also the Stax L700, Focal Utopia, Audiotechnica adx5000, Fostex TH900, Mr. Speaker's Ether Flow C, etc. which should be at least on par with the HD820, but different.
    There is no single best Headphone money can buy and that's great because every headphone does different nuances particularly well…
    There's a plethora of amazing Headphones to choose from!


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