The Chinese MacBook Killer – TEN HOUR BATTERY – Xiaomi Mi Notebook Pro


It has ten hours of battery life, an aluminum chassis, and is less than $1000? Yes.

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  1. I'm only familiar with Chinese writing as a side-effect of learning Japanese, but don't the Chinese characters in the thumbnail mean "Chinese writing"? And not "Chinese thing" like I think they were intending?

  2. Did you know you can download and install additional language packs for windows 10 (English for example) ?

    Probably not fun jumping through the necessary hoops in a foreign language, but doable.

  3. When you dumped the CN MS Windows 10 white devil spyware OS, why did you not install in the inbetween LINUX Mint or Unbuntu 17.04 and run tests before reinstalling the EN MS Win 10. Why the CN maker of this laptop does not offer a version free of any OS is beyond me …

  4. @Linus, I am using that Mi Notebook Pro. You can wipe out the whole SSD with clean installation of windows 10 home English single language edition and still can activate it. Although it may need a couple of minutes for MS to check and upgrade the windows. That's an easy process.

  5. so disappointing that americans think that every asian mase product is bad.. I mean xiaomi is a great company in asia. Im even using one of their phones right now and I get the best for my money. why americans gotta think so lowly of other countries? their products are assembled in china anyways


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