The coolest wireless chargers of CES 2018 |Techno Rhyno


After Apple adopted the Qi wireless charging standard with its newest iPhone 8 and X models, accessory companies are now producing more charging pads than ever. They’re available in all types of form factors, colors, and price range, making it one of the few technology standards that is truly universal. Subscribe:

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  1. TBH I tired of these tiny pads, I want a mat that I can put on a surface and not have to line up my devices to under surface coil points though part of the pad/mat. Make the whole mat conductive, shesh even I though that was a basic when thinking about how I would design a product like this.

  2. As far as i see it, companies are not divided on whether to use micro USB-B or USB-C. Everyone agrees that USB-C is the future, it's just that right now mid-ranged phones get cheaper by using the old Micro B connector, as well as being more compatible with existing older products and cables, typically found in the house of someone who does not want the newest, best and flashiest smartphone.

  3. I mean these really aren’t true wireless chargers..they still have to be plugged in and as soon as you pick up your phone it stops. At least with a plug you can still use it and I have 10 of them now lol.

  4. Corsair's mousepad can charge it's mousepad?🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔
    Do you mean a different mousepad or itself cause….how could it charge itself if it isn't receiving power?

  5. "time to cut the cord"
    …. wireless chargers use wires. 🤦‍♂️
    Also, wired is usually faster, you can move around more with it more often than wireless chargers, and it's way easier to hold your phone than a certain position or at least right back to back against a wireless charger


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