The Peloton internet-connected treadmill first look |Techno Rhyno


The Peloton Tread streams live running and cross-training classes directly to your living room, from the treadmill’s 32-inch HD display. But is it worth $4,000? Subscribe:

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  1. Lauren Goode is one of the few tech. Journalist that I can watch without cringing. She covers most of the questions I have with any product she reviews. Please don’t get rid of her Verge.

  2. Dude wtf you seriously do more harm with that screen than any good. Say goodbye with your vision. Seriously I have a 43 inch tv and I feel like that is worsening my vision, I may be too close too it but I still have to measure.

  3. wait so i have to pay 4k to get tread that takes out the social part of a class !? so this thing is made for only for super introverts. Coz any other excuse is stupid to me. A gym is a place u go to workout, your home is your home and u can find 1000 excuses not to workout at your home. Exact same reason as why many YouTubers get an office and don't work out of they're bedrooms

  4. This is such a steep price to pay. Just buy a turbo trainer and get on Zwift!

    For 4000$ you can get a really good roadbike, a really good turbo trainer fx( neo Tacx),  A big TV, and a Ant+ connected treadmill that allows them to be connected to programs such as Zwift

    The member ship is through the roof compared to competing services. Zwift, Trainerroad, sufferfest etc. cost  approx $10 dollars / 10 euros per. month. They provide a lot structural training workouts. In Zwift you can bike and run in a virtual world with thousands of connected users.

    Please dont make the mistake of buying this product from peloton.

    There are so many much cheaper and better alternatives !!

    How to get running on Zwift:

    More info about turbo trainers:

     Here to get started with training on Zwift:

  5. My gym membership costs me 20 bucks a month and i have too many different types of threadmills to choose from, millions of other machines to choose from for any workout i have in mind, plus access to a bunch of varied exercise classes, and this man is trying to tell us that paying 4000$ as an entry fee and 110$ a month for a few classes on a threadmill with a screen is the senseful option. And all that because they stuffed overpriced tech in a machine that didnt need it, in order to sell it at a ridiculous price.

    Boi u better get this outta my face, deadass.


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