These 7 Exoskeletons Are Making The World Easier To Navigate |Techno Rhyno


1. You can literally take this seat anywhere. The Chairless Chair is a tool you can lean on. When locked, it can be rested on.

2. Lowe’s is giving its workers “Iron Man suits.” It makes carrying heavy loads easier. Lowe’s worked with Virginia Tech on the project.

3. This exoskeleton can help people with paraplegia walk. “Phoenix” was designed by suitX. suitX calls it “the world’s lightest and most advanced exoskeleton.”

4. Ford assembly line workers are testing EksoVest. It helps reduce injury from repetitive tasks.

5. This robotic glove is helping some people with paralysis. The Exo-Glove Poly is a wearable soft robot. The motion of your wrist control the fingers. Users can lift and grasp things up to a pound.

6. This suit gives you super strength. suitX makes five types of modular suits. They help reduce workloads of the user.

7. Ekso exoskeletons can help people with paraplegia walk again. It’s a robot that adds power to your hips and knees.

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  1. So this is how it begins , simple enough. Made to help people but it won't just stop there will it ?

    No it will keep evolving just like a living organism merging our flesh with metal slowly turning us , making us faster, stronger but also less human breeding an elite class of superhuman . Hopefully I won't be alive by then to witness the end


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