These in-ear headphones have sensors that claim to correct your running form | Techno Rhyno


Soul Electronics has debuted two new in-ear headphones at CES with gait analysis that are built specifically for runners. The Run Free Pro Bio and Blade both come with built-in sensors and an accompanying app that will tell you on the fly if your running form is off and how to correct it, says the company.

While you are running, the headphones’ sensors track a host of different parameters integral to good form and preventing injury: cadence (steps per minute), step length, step width, vertical oscillation (the up and down bounce of your body), head tilt angle, stance / flight time, shock, maximum leg force, balance, and consistency. If any of these fall outside an optimal range, the app’s digital trainer will tell you in the headphones what to adjust in order to correct your form. Ideally, this should help people who have to be mindful of existing injuries and really, prevent injuries from happening to begin with.

Soul Electronics had someone run in place for me to demo the…

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