This wireless MIDI ring allows you to perform musical effects with hand gestures | Techno Rhyno


French company Enhancia has been working on the concept for its MIDI ring for over a year, and it’s finally coming to Kickstarter in March. The tiny accessory, worn on the index finger of your right hand, allows a user to trigger musical effects like pitch bends or vibrato by making specific movements while playing a keyboard.

The ring, which is lightweight and made out of a soft plastic with a metal accent, communicates with a hub that is connected to your computer. The hub both charges the ring and also tells the ring which effects are mapped to which movements. There’s also a standalone piece of software and a plugin, which can be used with a Digital Audio Workstations, like Ableton or Logic.

The ring’s sensors track three specific hand movements that are by mapped to certain effects by default (though these can be swapped out for any other effects a musician chooses). There’s a slight hand wobble, which is for vibrato, a slow tilt back and forth for pitch bend, and a…

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