Ulefone Power 3 – Quad Camera Smartphone that last 2 weeks! | Techno Rhyno


The Ulefone Power 3 Smartphone is one of the best phones for Battery in 2018 – but is it let down by its specs / quad cameras?
Link: https://goo.gl/rYHVR3

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  1. A bit faster CPU and this would be the perfect phone for me. And especially at that price!?
    I have a Oneplus 5, and it lasts me just over 1 day.
    I hardly ever use the camera, i dont care about a resolution higher than HD. I have been saying for YEARS that manufactures should stop making phones thinner, and put in larger batteries instead.
    This phone is 2mm thicker than my Oneplus 5, who actually cares about 2 fricking milimeters?


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