Yevo Labs builds its headphones using an improbable source: guns | Techno Rhyno



Yevo’s Bluetooth headphones.

Ian Sherr/CNET

A Swedish company, Yevo Labs, is building its latest headphones with material from an improbable source: guns.

The headphones themselves are pretty standard Bluetooth earbuds, based on the company’s previously released Yevo 1 design. It’s around the edges that things get interesting. The accent metal is less polished than the mirror-finish chrome-like plating you’d find on its onyx-, ivory- or jet black-colored $249 headphones.

The carrying case, which also doubles as a battery-powered charger, is heavy. Like a power tool. And the metal it’s made from feels rough, industrial. Yevo plans to sell this version for $499 when it’s released in the next few months.

“In a way, this is the most valuable material in the world,”…

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