5 must-have Windows Utilities

If you use a Windows laptop, there’s a lot you can do to customize your experience to make it better. Tom Warren joins Dieter to talk about the best Windows utilities for managing Windows, searching, and clipboard history.

Links to all utilities (plus two bonus that were cut for time in the video) are here: https://www.theverge.com/2018/6/27/17509294/windows-10-utilities-groupy-sharex-redstone

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  1. For Ditto and Wox, I'm sure I will try this. this looks great and fits my logic controlling the machine.

    Do you have some good software to replacing the stupid windows search? as I logic is just search the file name, never about the content inside the file.

  2. Thank you . They are really useful. I recommend you samsung flow. It allows to unlock his PC with the fingerprint reader of his smartphone. Transfer files via direct wifi from the fone to the PC or vice versa. It is also possible to reply to the message received on the fone directly on the PC or even to display the complete interface of the fone on the PC without restriction. This takes all its meaning when the PC has a touch screen if not the mouse can also do the trick. In addition connect both devices is really simple Just open the app and BOOMMM Of course bluetooth must be activated on the PC

  3. I have the following utility, all of them were paid ones.
    AirParrot 2 ($13.00) – Lets me cast/mirror my monitor to Apple TV and to Chromecast.
    Controller Companion (From Steam: $3.00) – Lets me use my controller as a mouse and keyboard, really good for media use. It also makes the controller work on games that don't have a controller support.
    Wallpaper Engine (From Steam: $4.00) – Lets me use animated wallpaper, con side it does resources so it slows the computer down when rendering or playing a game, but I made it when something goes full screen the wallpaper goes black so I can still play games without any sacrifice.


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