5 New features in Android P Beta 2 in under 3 minutes!

You can roll into Android P Beta for all supported devices here- https://developer.android.com/preview/devices/
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  1. Hay dhananjay
    I want to a video request
    I search in yt but i can't find right way to do that so at last i came to you please Make A video On this topic dude
    How to transfer/Convert Your Goggle play credit To PayPal or Your Own Account or anywhere Which we can use in recharge pr anything like that, hope you get??
    Please do that
    Your one of the subscriber

  2. I wrote this comments on lot of channels , but I hope this gets noticed in this channel .

    "Dude can you compare LTE bands and do a real time speedtest . I want to clearly see if these devices have CAT 13 bands Asus Zenfone/RN5Pro . Do compare them to some device with higher LTE bands like OP5/OP6 or any 835/845 device . No other youtuber has done this , I think this is some thing which should be included in speedtests too .

    You should include such things to make your videos stand out from the crowd"


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