Alexa invades the living room

So how can we get Alexa into our living rooms? Over the past six months, tech companies have been battling it out to connect digital assistants to your TV. Homepod, Google Max, and the Sonos Beam bring quality sound, while the Fire TV Cube and Amazon’s Echo and Dot just want to make our TVs work with voice. In this episode of Processor, Dieter walks us through our options to add Alexa onto our TV.


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  1. Alexa seems really gimmicky tbh. How much do people actually use Alexa in their daily lives aside from checking weather and buying things on amazon. Seems like a fad that will eventually die like Motion gaming, 3D TVs, etc.

  2. "If you're watching this video, there's a pretty good chance you own it as well" LOL…why me watching a verge video has your assumption of me owning a Alexa or google home?

  3. Super congrats on 2 million subscribers, been watching since the original Vergecast days and beyond and it's incredible how The Verge has come so far. Keep up the good work!


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