All-screen Notebook Concept – My Thoughts…

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  1. I think this laptop makes more sense than attaching a secondary laptop like the product you reviewed before. I usually carry a keyboard and mouse around anyhow so this laptop would be awesome as is for me.

  2. You could possibly continue the capacitive touch off the actual screen towards the hinge so that if it detects something being brought up into it it will then send it to the top/bottom screen.

  3. That concept looks and sounds pretty useful. But… I'd worry about the keyboard interface, would it be difficult for people with large hands and fingers? I feel that a lot of mistakes typing would be made. I'm any case I would love to see that become mainstream.

  4. This laptop is like in a gray zone and it needs refinement.
    Ok, first im preety cuorius about how are they gonna fix the tactile problem (i read a couple comments and many suggest a separate keyboard ,and in this case i think it defeats the pourpose of the design)
    Next is that the interface has to be more intuitive wich makes tons of possible scenarios from gyroscopes to know wich side has to be the keyboard, cameras with facial recognition to keep the orientation that the person is viewing the display, and they have to find a way to block one of the screens on tablet mode.
    At the end this is a very intresting product that requires tons of development but is also a good format to add new and more discrete tech like linus said, looking forward on a more refined product even when it costs too much for the hardware inside, if they pull it right we migth see more stuff like this even a more powerfull version someday.
    Ps: for those thinking "why this thing exists if i can buy something way powerfull for less" think on those who said "why would someone want a personal computer" this is just innovation they can focus on making a product accesible and good but once those products became old news they are going to be late to the party and it will be way worse make a comeback from that, instead they are taking the first step to a new concept.

  5. Biggest challenge- Keyboard
    Biggest advantage- Big Foldable Tablet with better interface !
    Hopefully they develop a way to not have both the screen touching each other directly as it would result in scratches…due to dust and other particles !

  6. I think they should have distinguishable vibration frequencies for all the rows of keys and also different sounds for each different key so that you know what row and key you have actually pressed without having to look at the keyboard. Maybe some sort of delay before writing so that you press, so you hear the sound, and move your finger to a different position to fix the error in typing before it occurs. This should definitely come with some learning software. The challenge is big, I hope Asus come up with something that will also make phone typing a lot better as well.

  7. I have an ASUS system now, but I can't wait for this product to hit the market. These guys are always pushing the edge, dual displays in one unit, great!

  8. Yeah as long as you wanna use a normal keyboard and mouse with it, the extra screen would be nice to use for other shit…… Or just buy a cheap monitor and have 2 screens instead of this thing that will be outrageously priced!!

  9. It's interesting, but the biggest benefit I see from it is furthering the software that handles working with two separate displays that could enable a similar kind of setup like we see in sci-fi movies where something is "flicked" from one device to another device with a larger screen

  10. I don't mean to be cynical when I say this but I am happy to see a professional tech YouTuber be impartial to company and truly speak about a company and its efforts yet promoting the company constructively. I truly and honestly hope and wish others follow your way

  11. If both screens would be like Wacom tablet touchscreens with at least the same amount of pressure levels
    This ASUS notebook would definitely be mine.
    Just imagine drawing on the lower screen while all your programs menus are on the top screen

  12. i would lose track of what's the top and bottem fairly easy, the screen keyboard would piss me off because not having a physical keyboard it's easier to make mistakes, and it would probably be more expensive than it's worth just for the double screen. neat concept that would've been more desirable a few years back but if nothing else this would be the go to ds emulator or an artist's/ animators machine.

  13. Very cool. I can't think of how to do the keyboard other than with a silicon overlay with embedded clickers (assuming the machine can accurately sense key presses through the silicon). It would be pretty suite to use the screens in book mode with an external keyboard. I'm assuming there would be wacom-type pens that work with this?


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