Android P: 7 Big New Features You Need to Know About | Adaptive Battery, Gestures, and More

The upcoming version of Android, simply referred to as ‘Android P’, now has a public beta and with it come a whole range of new features. Google showcased many of these at the Google I/O event, but now we have loaded up the beta build on our Pixel 2 XL and here is everything that is new in Android P.

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  1. Hey Gadgets360 team.
    I've a question, Unlike Oreo 8.1 notification panel & menu background, whether the background is getting changed based wallpaper(colour) in android P Beta??

  2. Andriod P can be Popsicle "Popsicle is a North American brand of ice pop owned by Unilever, and a genericized trademark for any type of ice pop, due to its popularity and long-term use"


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