Android P Beta 2: Android 9 Confirmed!

Google has released the 2nd Beta of Android P today, which confirms the next version of Android will be Android 9! There are also some changes from the last beta as well. Subscribe for more:

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  1. The auto rotate seems cool in theory but what if I want the toggle off but have the phone rotated anyway. That little icon will keep on looping even tho I'm ignoring it. Seems annoying.

  2. Tim start putting the phone on the stand and then record the videos you'll edit later. I suggest your start using 3 cameras so we can get different angles, you're videos will look professional brother.

  3. the animations have changed a bit too. when you press home, when leaving an app, it does not swipe away to the left. it fades away now. I know it's something small but oh well. I liked that animation. it made more sense for it to swipe away instead of it just fading away. love the mew beta though.

  4. Hey, Tim. 'show seconds' on the clock (even if it's checked to be shown) doesn't work and the transition when you press the home button from any app. The app would swipe away to the left. That was a very, very nice touch. I hope they bring it back in beta 3 or in public release

  5. +Tim Schofield One feature I think Google should remove or improve on for Android P is the "picture in picture" mode, it only works if you subscribe to YouTube RED. Even on the Pixel 2 devices, it doesn't work out of the box.

  6. One new item that you missed, Tim. And, it's nothing special, nor do I know if it'll be in future iterations of Android P. But, if you hold down on the screen to bring up Home Settings. You'll find a new setting called "Suggestions". Within suggestions, you'll have three categories: Apps, Action, and Overview Selection. Like I said, it's nothing spectacular, but just throwing this out there for the sake of being thorough. Awesome video by the way and hope you're doing well!


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