Android P: Changing The Game With Project Treble – Gary Explains

Project Treble promises to bring balance to Android’s biggest problem: version fragmentation. First introduced with Android O, this reworking of the Android OS’ internals will hit its stride in Android P, evidenced by the fact that seven OEMs released Android P betas in parallel with Google. So, what exactly is Project Treble and how does it help? Please, let me explain.

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  1. When will google make their own hardware like Apple? Maybe easier for google to upgrade their os like Apple upgrade their own iOS when they control the hardware as well

  2. Now the question, what about google forcing android updates for at least 2 years even for budget phones?? I have a huawei ascend XT2 and it is still running android 7.0. They need to force devices with at least nougat to be able to work with android P and the defragmentation would decrease massively specially in the budget department where most of the defragmentation occurs.

    Still the concept is really awesome indeed. But those things would make it perfect.

  3. Wasn't Treble already launched with Android Oreo?

    I'm not sure what to make of this project. Sure, Google would love greater adoption of its latest OS versions, but as the video suggested, carriers can still slow down the process, as can the OEMs.

    And is the market really demanding quicker OS updates? If it did, wouldn't the Pixel have much better sales?

    And that's not even getting into the issue of how OS upgrades have a tendency of buggering up existing phones.

    Also, why don't carriers seem to slow down the iOS upgrade process, which seems to happen immediately after Apple launches an upgrade?

  4. Android P is the another best version of any android user and day by day it's make a huge difference of the previous version of android. Thanks Joe for share the new secret of Android P


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