Apple Pay vs. Samsung Pay vs. Google Pay: Which is best?

How does Apple Pay compare to its rivals from Samsung and Google? We test them all to find the best mobile payment system.
Which one is better? Read about the comparison at CNET:

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  1. I love using Samsung pay, especially since I get reward points in the app and they just added cash back from merchants too. I know for a fact neither Apple or Google pay offer cash back or rewards programs

  2. I have a Galaxy S9+ and I use Samsung Pay all the time! I actually don't carry a wallet around either. (Mostly because I lost my previous one and it isn't available to buy anymore.) However, I mostly leave my cards in my car, so whenever I go some place, my debit or credit card is on my person.

  3. In korea, samsung pay is only available on pay sections. Nfc payment is really rare, and sending money? We use kakao wallet. Online payment? Google pay, samsung pay,nor apple pay never work in korean e market.but in offline section, samsung pay always works in s korea.

  4. in canada almost all big retailers accept nfc the one big exception being walmart so the biggest obstacle is bank support as some cards from one bank will work and others will not also if you are making a big purchase you better carry your card with you as Interac (which is the largest nfc payment provider and acceptor in canada) has a $100 limit on purchases with nfc


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