Apple WWDC 2018 keynote in 14 minutes

During the Apple WWDC 2018 keynote, CEO Tim Cook introduced all the latest updates for iOS 12 and the new macOS Mojave. Apple also introduced a new digital health dashboard and Memoji, aka customized Animoji.

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  1. iOS 12 is basically Apple playing catch up
    -For you = Google Photos
    -Scenes/Shortcuts = IFFT/ Tasker
    -Gallary view = Windows Photo app
    -Screenshots = Snipping Tool
    Also I was surprised they didn't make Siri work offline

  2. It's nothing real different about what they did. Samsung been made it to where that you can make a animoji of yourself. Sending a voice note to somebody with a watch or anything not special either. Who ever paid to go to this wasted they time and money really.

  3. iOS playing catch-up with Android. Lesser innovation. Most features copied from Android P like app usage and shortcuts and finally group notification and individual app notification settings.

  4. What about shortcuts for activating disactivating vibration like on android ? How about milti windows ? How about closing all windows together ? iOS 12 still lack a lot of basic features and they give you other features that are useless


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