Apple’s iPhone addiction cure aims to save… the iPhone (Bridget Breaks It Down)

New iOS 12 tools can help with screen addiction. But they’re here to save the iPhone, not you.

Apple’s screen addiction tools are to save the iPhone — not you –

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  1. I definitely like having a segment called the Bridget breakdown. She's a wonderful warm face to hear information from. I look forward to seeing more episodes.

  2. Yeah… sorry. No. At least Apple is trying to give us better info and controls. Google wouldn’t do that. They only make money when you’re ‘engaged’- Apple made their money when you bought it (and its services of course). They will always sell you a better iPhone, but that doesn’t mean you have to use it all the time. I’m glad we finally have tools that show us where our lives have gone… and if we choose to live with that, at least it was informed.

    TL;DR: Clickbait 😉

  3. Bridget you need to make more videos, I'm not watching this because of the content but because I really miss your old CNET tech show CNET update😞

  4. I admit that I spend too much time on my phone and even bought an essential phone recently in hopes that it will get Android P soon. But I think your view was a little extreme. The major issue I see with your argument is that most people won't admit they have an issue. It's the first step for any addiction. I see this as a feature that people will get thinking they will use for their kids and never set up or will eventually abandon it.

    Ok, my cell phone time is done for the day. I'm out.

  5. I use IG a lot which I should cut back so I can watch more animes!! Its cool they are starting to have these features but its nothing new as Amazon & Samsung has had these features for kid modes for years now

  6. Well I’m almost 70 I probably use my iPhone more than I should but as long as I keep my 3 acre yard mowed my garden taken care of cook wash the dishes take out the garbage feed the dog I don’t see anything wrong with watching Bridget an staying in touch with a few friends
    Thanks for a great video

  7. They can help users AND themselves. It’s not like everything is black and white. Companies can help people AND profit from it also as seen by Elon Musk helping Puerto Rico for instance. Doing something free that helps a lot of people is good for publicity and great for business. So in the case of Apple and the IOS 12 changes yes they are saving the iPhone AND helping people.

  8. This video is way too cynical and short-sighted. If Apple “wants you to buy a new phone every year” then why are they improving performance and updating phones and tablets from 2013? It’s more likely that they just want people in the Apple ecosystem and using their services and buying apps and subscriptions through their stores.


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