Bethesda at E3 2018 in 11 minutes

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  1. Mostly freemium crap. But the new Elder scrolls and the new IP Startfield could be great. It is a shame they didnt say any dates. Of course they are working on a new Elder scrolls. They probably started right when they released the last one, give us some details.

  2. Watching this makes me feel like I'm TOO into the video game community….or at least the audience is. I mean, I've enjoyed video games for the longest of time, but for those reactions to occur for new FPS's and (what is obviously complained about to often) graphics details? Ok….

  3. machine games please tell me why ? i want my BJ Blazkowicz in action not some two pathetic girls that do his job only 0,5 as good as him and that can delete my decisions as BJ please machine games delete this and make a decent Wolfenstein game or at least change the cast from two girls to father fighting to free them it's not beacose i think this will be bad but beacose in moments of high stress men's hormon's are like: they are trying to kill ya ? i'd like to see them try now FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT ! but girl's body is like: oh dear so much blood RUN RUN RUN!

  4. Cant wait for FO76, rage 2 is problably gunna suck, and i really need to play Doom. Blades will be something nice to explore. Hopefully the new Starfield game will be a single player game, doubt it but maybe itll be a good space exploration with rpg elements type of game.


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