Blaupunkt SBW 01 Budget SoundBar with Subwoofer Any Good?

Blaupunkt SBW-01 Dolby Bluetooth Soundbar this is a 2.1 channel soundbar it also has a sub woofer bluetooth connectivity it’s a 80 Watt system the soundbar is 30W and the subwoofer is 50 watts it also has HDMI ARC and optical input apart from standard line in input but is this any good find out in this video review.

I purchased the Soundbar via flipkart

JBL Budget Sound bar that I had reviewed earlier



  1. Help ranjit, i bought a Samsung soundbar HW M450 from flipkart. It has a hdmi ARC port in that but i am unable to connect it with my sony 7500E tv. I have tried all possible process and seen many videos of enabling ARC but failed. Kindly guide me how to connect it . My tv also has ARC in hdmi 3 and i connected using this port only but no success. I am using this soundbar using optical input and that's working fine but the problem is this that you have to use both the remotes which is annoying. Please help .

  2. I am using this speaker since a month with Mi TV 4 through HDMI (ARC). I am not facing any buzz noise or something that u faced with this speaker, sound out put via HDMI (ARC) is really awesome but I have switched off Dolby output on TV because speaker itself has Dolby encoder in it & my Mi TV 4 Remote itself can handle speaker volume if it is connected through HDMI Cable… But surround sound is not good… I felt Movie preset is giving better output.. Base is really awesome it literally vibrates my room Door & windows… Over all I am satisfied with this Speaker… Thanks for your Review…

  3. Geekyranjit
    Wishing you a happy independence day. It's nice but make a video on any Phillips or sony sound bar or speaker with honest review. I want to buy best speakers or bar for my new Samsung TV


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