What if you could instantly change the color of clothing with the press of a button. It sounds wild but it is real. Engineers at the University of Central Florida are weaving up a new type of smart fabric where every inch of material is wired and it can be programmed to change color.

It’s just one of the latest ways technology is fusing with the fashion industry. The technology is woven into the fabric itself. And with the help of an app, you can just press a button and change what color you want it to be or perhaps a pattern.

Let’s say we are going to the beach, you could set the pink stripes in the app and slowly it’s heating up certain areas. Once the heating process is done, we will have a striped beach bag. There are no screens or no lights but the actual fibers are physically changing color and it’s happening through an engineering blend of color microwires and electricity.

The fabric is woven together with a traditional machine but the threads are special. They are conductive inside a strand is a really thin copper wire. It’s covered by a material that’s made with special pigment that changes colors when the temperature


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