Customize your Android Smartphone!

I show you ways you can customise your phone with themes, launchers, icon packs, and widgets in 2018! Android app links for the themes, wallpapers, icons and widgets are below (2018):
Check out Vikings: War of Clans:

Setup 5:
Walli Wallpaper:

Setup 4:
Gion Icons:
Iron Man Wallpaper:
Wallpapers on Google +:
Wallpapers on Deviantart:

Setup 3:
Wallpaper from Minimal O:
White Icon Pack:

Setup 2:
Pixel 2 Icons:
Mirror Lab:

Setup 1:
Pixbit Icons:

Widgets used:
Huk Zooper:
Fox Zooper:

Launchers used:
Microsoft launcher:
Nova Launcher:

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