Do Fitness Trackers Really Help You Get Into Shape?

Full post: | Fitness trackers are devices that track our calories, our steps, our heartrate and more. But is this enough to really help us lose weight and get fitter? Just how accurate are they? And how can we make the most of them? This video will explain all.

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  1. This video came in the perfect time. I was planning on retiring my old Forerunner 15 to a smartwatch or fitness tracker. Now, I'm thinking in keeping my Garmin heart rate chest band and work with my smartphone. And increase the amount of time I move around.

  2. As someone who started a new diet and exercise routine in January, with a fitness tracker, I can absolutely say that it has worked for me.
    They're great for tracking progress. I've tried in the past, and this is the first time I've used a tracker, and the first time I've really stuck with my fitness plan.

  3. Not trying to fat shame or anything, but most of the people I see wearing fitness trackers are those that are out of shape. Somehow they think that wearing tracker automatically
    + 5 strength
    + 5 speed
    + 5 endurance
    Just eat well, train hard. Unless you are some professional athletic, training to get a gold medal. You don't need to know yoru HR, V02 MAX or whatever BS measurements.

  4. whats with the weird filters in the video? Looks very unnatural. Do you really think adding more chromatic aberration to video really helps? very bad quality of video and looks cheap to me

  5. I use the Amazefit bip to gps track my runs. The gps tracking is quite good and it motivates me to run further than what I did yesterday. So in that way its very helpful. The heart rate measurement is not very accurate but it gives me a rough idea of where I stand and thats okay with me because I run just for fitness and nothing more.

  6. I like the video info and I use mine to keep moving. Living with severe CRPS is to keep moving more than normal. It may not be for everyone but for me it really works! I was told in seven years I would be in a wheelchair… this is my seventh year! and I'm still walking!

  7. I think it helps me see when I'm slacking. For example, I use google fit to track my distance & steps at work. When i lost my job, I could at least get out & walk to match my activity level when I WAS working to maintain my weight. I dont care about calories or heart rate, or ant of that crap.


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