GALAXY EDITION || CUSTOM Nintendo Switch & 3DS XL (Controller Chaos)

E3 is right around the corner so I am celebrating with THESE! These are AMAZING! Controller Chaos CUSTOM airbrushes each and every one to perfection! You can custom order the New 3DS XL by calling or emailing them but the Galaxy Edition Switch is available here:



  1. It looks cool, but I'm not rebuying a Switch for a paint job. I was already pulling up their site to check out prices when you mentioned that they won't paint your existing system. 😕

  2. I just got a brand new 3dsxl and my top screen has dust under it or a dead pixel did nintendo ever clean under your screens dust?? also when I open it it don’t click like everyone else’s does on YouTube lol pls reply I’m being really ocd about this all I’ve upgraded from my 2ds and that’s really dusty under the screen.. lol


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