Google Pixel 3 XL leaked in white? (Alphabet City)

New images of Google’s next phone may have wound up online again. Meanwhile, many more reports about the next Samsung Galaxy Note are making the rounds. All that, Waymo’s new partnerships and your comments in this episode of Alphabet City!

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  1. Pixel 3 xl is ugly…. don't know who in the right mind want to buy this…. though pixel is known for it's software features…..from 2018 it will be known for it's ugly looks 😂

  2. I want the note 9 but I'm worried the s10 will be a radical change with all the leaks. And the note 9 will be a waste of an upgrad. Might get a pixel 2 XL when a non refurbished goes on a sale

  3. I don't think the Pixel 3 XL will sell alot because the people who buy Pixels tend to be Android purist and the Pixel 3 XL looks like an imitation iPhone X a bad imitation

  4. That’s why I can’t wait for fuchsia to come out to me is a better operating system because Google has full control of it just like Apple has full control of his legal system and what apps go into it and if you Google would’ve done this with android right now every phone would get the update on the same day just like every iPhone guess that same update on the same day and android experience would be a lot better so that’s why can’t wait for a future to come out right now that’s one of the main reasons why I don’t have an android phone I don’t have time to wait for new updates that’s why I stick to Apple where I get my update just like everybody else


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