Google Pixel 3 XL LIVE!!!!

Its happening. Google Pixel 3XL LIVE look. Deep Notch, Big chin. Welcome to 2018.


Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL Renders by:

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  1. I'm just shamed of Google.. if you buy the smaller one it's basically having a newer slightly bumped up pixel 2 xl… This is beyond disappointing, I mean they tease apple about the missing headphone jack and then they remove theirs, then they mock them about the notch and they did it lol… Do you know how shameful that is

  2. There's no reason to complain about notches on Android because they can be disabled unlike on iOS. Once disabled, the Pixel 3 XL will look just like a bigger Pixel 3 or the same as Pixel 2 XL.

    My problem with the design is that it's just not progressive enough. It looks like a 2 XL only with a notch, which itself felt outdated even in 2017 and the notch barely makes it contemporary. Which is why my next phone will be a Samsung again, probably the S10.

  3. Not as much as an improvement as I thought it would have been but hopefully they let you hide the notch then I'm definitely going to like the phone. Probably not a popular opinion though😬

  4. big disappontment ! this phone is seriously blacklisted.
    i promised myself not to waste my money for a phone that doesn't meet my expectations i hope all of u do the same. This way all brands will follow our terms and conditions


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