Google Pixel 3 XL prototype may have leaked, Google Lens gets its own app (Alphabet City)

The newest pictures online may tell us a lot about Google’s upcoming phone. We might get wireless charging and we will likely not get a headphone jack. Meanwhile, finding Google Lens just got a lot easier with a new app. Also, Google promises not to use AI to kill you, plus your comments!

For more about the Pixel, check out CNET:

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  1. You know what i like the notch bc overall it gives the user more screen real estate but pixels notch is too big and you cant turn it off bc it will be a super big bezel so pixel

  2. I don't know why people hate notch so much, it's just a notification bar with all the seniors,
    which means that you have an extra bit more of screen that displays your apps, games, etc. I'm fine with it as long as we can "turn it off"

  3. I don’t like the notch at all. It seems way to big and I feel like every phone that has a notch is a nock off of the iPhone 10. After it came out every phone now has to have one and it’s annoying😒


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